I’m Ken.  I like love the mountains.  Rather than write too much about myself,1 which narcissistic though it may be I would be all too glad to do, I think it would be better to write about what this blog is, or rather will be, “about” as that may very well prove to be more enlightening.  What I write here will be, more or less, about the mountains.  I’m sure you know them…the mountains, the hills, the wilderness, the “great outdoors;” there are myriad names for what I’m talking about and everyone sees them a little differently.  These are the places that occupy my thoughts, demand my time, and inspire me.  Whether I’m climbing with my friends, hiking with my daughter, or running alone, the mountains are where I find comfort, fear, sanity, frustration, passion, inspiration, and motivation.  It only follows that they, the mountains, would be what I choose to write about that thus what you will find here.  I am not, and will never be, the strongest climber or fastest trail runner or most accomplished mountaineer, but I love the mountains and climbing unconditionally.  What this blog is “about” is nothing more than a way for me to put some of that down.

1There is a saying about a painter never painting anything but himself.  Maybe that holds true for writing as well.  In that case, I suppose I am writing about myself.


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